Vegetable Garden Tour Mid May 2013 (Part 2)

Starting on the right hand side in the front bed, I have mint and cilantro, and one purple sprouting broccoli plant.  Back in mid-April before I could fence the garden, bunnies mowed down most of the newly planted brassicas.  Only … read more

Vegetable Garden Tour Mid May (Part 3)

In the front bed of this half, I have three different kinds of heading lettuce.   The lettuce plants suffered the same plight as the brassicas — which is to say some of them got mowed down.  Fortunately, they seem … read more

Leggy Tomato Seedlings — What To Do

Leggy tomato seedlings proving to be a problem?  They certainly can be.  But what’s a gardener to do?  Is there anything that can prevent the tomato seedlings from getting leggy in the first place?  Can they still be planted even … read more

DIY Tomato Cages- Easy To Follow Instructions

I wouldn’t mind spending $15 on a tomato cage from the store if I could actually find one that worked properly. But let’s face it…they just don’t. They have an annoying tendency to get blown over, or to buckle under … read more

Do LED Grow Lights Work?

LED’s – or light emitting diodes – are becoming more common in commercial and residential buildings.  Chances are you already know how bright they can get without giving off much heat or running up a huge electric bill.   But do … read more

Leggy Seedlings? Some Helpful Solutions

Leggy seedlings are a common problem for gardeners starting seeds indoors without the aid of  a grow light system.   Seedlings germinate normally, but then they fail to grow properly.  Instead of the stem getting thicker, and growing true leaves, the … read more