Ordering Vegetable Seeds For 2013

2013 ordering seeds

 I placed our 2013 seed order today.  My puppy was a big “help”

Well folks, I have placed my 2013 seed order! The wheels are officially in motion.
I received an email from Park Seed, who, oddly enough, have been emailing me non-stop. This one offered free shipping. I love buying seeds, AND free shipping. I mean, what’s not to love? They had everything I wanted to grow this year, with the exception of tatsoi. So my garden plan is set! (For now anyway.)
Here’s what I ordered…

Park’s 6ft x 30ft Plant Frost Protector Film –
I love row cover, it pulls double duty in the garden – it keeps early spring bugs off the plants and keeps them just a little bit warmer, too. This year I am going to cover the eggplant (which got infested with flea beetles last year), as well as the zucchini and squash (which got infested with cucumber beetles last year).

Longstanding Organic Cilantro Seeds –
One of my loving wifely gestures…it’s for my husband’s salsa. It gets pretty hot here during the summer, so I opted for a slow bolting variety. Hopefully it will extend the season long enough to actually make fresh salsa, which has to wait till the peppers and tomatoes are finally ready.

Winterbor Hybrid Kale Seeds –
I grew this variety last year, and it did really well in my garden. It never had a pest problem and produced like a champion. I am hoping for a repeat performance. Go Winterbor go!

German Chamomile Seeds –
It has been a few years since I grew my own tea. So I’m looking forward to doing it again this year. If all goes according to plan, I will be drinking home grown chamomile mint tea at bedtime.

Sugar Lace II Pea Seeds –
I have never grown this sugar snap pea before. I’m hoping that it performs as well as the description indicates. The problem I have growing sugar snap peas is that I harvest them before they are ready. I can’t help myself – I eat them right in the garden. And since I have larger than average cheeks, I can really shovel ‘em in. I’m not proud. This variety promises to produce prolifically, so fingers crossed. Plus it’s dwarf and stringless!

Early Summer Crookneck Organic Squash Seeds –
Summer squash is one of my favorite vegetables. So, this year I am going to do everything in my power to make sure my plants don’t succumb to pest problems. There’s a rumor floating around that crookneck squash has some natural pest resistance. So between the natural resistance and early season row cover, I’m hoping they’ll be fine.

Summer Purple Hybrid Broccoli Seeds –
I am not much of a one-time-only- harvest-brassica growing girl. I think they take up too much space in the garden. Plus they tend to be pretty inexpensive at the farmer’s market. So usually I’ll just buy stuff like broccoli and cauliflower, rather than growing it. But, I’m eager to grow purple sprouting broccoli. It’s popular in Merry Old England! The plant bears a continuous harvest of small florets over a long period, so goodbye one-and-done harvests.

Black Beauty Organic Zucchini –
Oops, I had some of this left over from last year… Live and learn, but at least it grew well.

Bright Lights Swiss Chard Seeds –
Swiss Chard is also at the tippy-top of my favorite vegetables list. Last year I grew a rainbow chard and every last leaf had a red spine. I think it was actually rhubarb chard – which I like, but this year I’m hoping for a few different colors.

Green Ice Lettuce Seeds –
Last year I grew Thai Oakleaf lettuce. I loved it, but my dog ate the seed packet that had all the remaining seeds in it, so I guess it’s time to try something new. The blogosphere seems to love this variety. It’s not as early as the oakleaf, but still pretty early – and slow to bolt – according to fellow bloggers. (The dog was fine. I don’t think he ate any seeds, he just made a mess.)

Space Hybrid Spinach Seeds –
Last year I grew Long Standing Bloomsdale. It did ok, but not as well as I would have hoped. It got pretty hot towards late spring, which cause it to bolt. So if this new climate says my spinach is going to bolt during the spring, I would at least like to get a full early harvest.

Organic Arugula Seeds –
Arugula is not at the top of my favorite vegetable list, but it’s easy to grow and is one of the first greens ready for harvest. And since I will not, it turns out, be growing tatsoi this year, arugula it is! (PS – does anyone know why there are so few varieties of arugula?)

Slenderette Bean Seeds –
I have never grown this variety of green bush bean before. So I am looking forward to trying something new. The description said the beans grew off the ground. I hope it’s true. It will be the first year in a long time that I will not grow Blue Lake Green Beans. I’m branching out! Wish me luck.

Sprouting Curled Cress Seeds –
Cress is another extra early green. I am planning to grow it in the garden like any other cress seed. I don’t see why they wouldn’t grow normally. Fingers crossed, hoping this cress will grow just fine in the garden, and isn’t only for sprouts.

Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seeds –
The truth is I didn’t really need new carrot seeds. Scarlet Nantes are a classic carrot that happen to also grow fairly well in clay soil. So if the other varieties fork this year, the thinking is it’ll be Nantes to the rescue.

Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds –
Rounding out my salad garden this year is Buttercrunch. I’m all set. I have a loose leaf lettuce, a romaine lettuce (leftover seed from last year), and now a bibb lettuce. Yup, lettuce rounds out my list of favorite summer greens. Bibb lettuce can be hard to grow, but for some reason it seems to do well in my garden. Hoping for another great year!

Everything else I already have from last year.  Now, all I have left to do is grow them…  And who knows maybe the puppy will “help” me some more.

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