A DIY Geodesic Dome Greenhouse?

A DIY Geodesic Dome Greenhouse?

Is it worth it for you to build a DIY geodesic dome greenhouse?  Is it even possible?

Well, first, the good news.  Yes, it’s possible.  And chances are it’s not as difficult as you think.  A DIY geodesic dome greenhouse can be an attractive addition to your property, can allow you to garden year-round, and can even increase your property value.  As to the question of whether it’s worth it?  Well, that depends on you.

Here are a few considerations you need to ponder before you make this admittedly big backyard decision.

First: do I even want a greenhouse…at all?  Do I need one?

This may seem trivial.  “I’m here, aren’t I?…Of course I want one!”  But it’s worth asking yourself.  A greenhouse isn’t a trivial backyard commitment.  I mentioned many of the good points above.  Yes, you can enjoy your garden year-round.  Yes, you can now get fresh, organic produce in the dead of winter for you and your family.  Yes, if you enjoy gardening as a hobby, you can now enjoy your hobby even in three feet of snow.

But think about the flip side.  It takes work to build, it takes up a good bit of space, and it takes work to maintain a year-round garden.  If you’re somebody who is a 50/50 bet to smash your thumb every time you hammer a nail, you may well be biting off more than you can chew.  It does take SOME elementary level of handiness to build one of these things.  (For you, perhaps a home greenhouse kit is a better option.)

And remember that these structures are fairly permanent.  You don’t necessarily have to build it on a foundation, but chances are, wherever you set it up, it’s going to remain there for the length of your stay at that home.  So space considerations are real, here. Think carefully about whether you’ll miss the extra space more than you’ll get joy out of having a swanky new greenhouse sitting there.  You can’t just fold it up for picnics or badminton.

But assuming that you’ve decided the good outweighs the bad, it’s on to the second consideration…

Can I afford one?

Good news and bad news on this front.

The good news is that you can wrangle together all the materials you need to build a full-sized DIY geodesic dome greenhouse for a couple hundred dollars!  This is a tiny fraction of what most decent home greenhouse kits would cost you, and the final product is far better constructed, far more attractive, far sturdier, and just generally better in every conceivable way.  That includes lumber, stain or sealant, material for the windows, and all the internal apparatus like the watering tank (if you choose to use one).

The bad news is that this cost is for MATERIALS ONLY.  Now, materials might be all you’ll need, but you can’t even think about trying to build one of these unless you’ve got a miter saw.  If you don’t, you’ll have to buy one, rent one, or hire a contractor.  If you buy one, you’ll be adding another $400-$1000 dollars to the cost.  In most cities, you should be able to rent one for around $20 a day, and should be able to do all your cutting in a day or two.  But if you don’t have that option, you’re going to have to shell out for a miter saw.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a saw anyway, well hey, this is the perfect excuse!  But if this is the only time you can ever imagine possibly using it, it’s a pretty big one-time expense, and may tip the scales back in favor of the kit greenhouse, which is undeniably going to be easier to put together.

Third, and for a lot of us, this is a biggie…

Will I be able to build this thing?

I’m not going to sugar coat this.  You DO need to be sort of handy in order to build a DIY geodesic dome greenhouse.  Or, alternatively, you need to have access to somebody who is.

Now, you don’t need the kind of handiness you’d have to be a professional carpenter to possess.  And even if you bumble around-the-house projects so badly that you frequently need to call in the professionals AFTER you try to fix something, you CAN still acquire the level of handiness you’d need to build a geodesic dome greenhouse in only a day or two.

Most of the skill involved is in the use of the miter saw.  You’ll need to know how to measure, angle, and cut your 2×4′s properly, and it can take some trial and error.  If you’re new to DIY projects, you should probably plan on taking an extra day and getting a little extra lumber.  Because you’re going to need a few practice runs before you get it right.

But if you get a good, hand-holding DIY guide (like the excellent Eden Biodome Revolution – recently reviewed , you’ll be shown how to do it, step by very simple step.  So no, it’s not TOO hard for anybody.  Just be aware what you’re getting into.  Apart from the sawing, it’s mostly just a hammer-and-nails affair.  You and a friend should be able to put it together in a long afternoon, or two at the outside.

And if you’ve read all that, and still feel gung-ho about the project, then when you finish, you’ll be the proud owner of your very own DIY geodesic dome greenhouse.

To read more about it, and to see the best guide on building a geodesic dome greenhouse available on the market, Click here to check out the Eden Biodome Revolution now!


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